Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale of Thermae Palace Hotel

1. Reservations

Thermae Palace Hotel only accepts reservations made by people that are 18 or older. Thermae Palace Hotel reserves the right to refuse a reservation at any time without having to give a reason. After making a reservation You will receive a confirmation and the invoice by email.

2. Room rate

All prices are expressed in euros.

The price of the room includes the following:

– 6% VAT
– A stay in the booked room type
– Daily refreshment of your room and bathroom
– Use of the wireless internet

The price of the room does not include the following:

– Breakfast
– Use of the sauna
– Use of the bicycles
– Parking space
– Tourist tax

When determining the number of people per reservation period the maximum number of people spending at least one night in the room shall apply. Leaving the hotel prematurely will not result in the reimbursement of any tourist taxes and other surcharges.

3. Payments

When booking your stay you must pay the total invoice amount (price of the room, tourist tax, environmental levies, service charges – if any – and additional charges). You can pay the amount due:

a. Via telebanking to the bank account number. IBAN: BE98 2800 4851 5393 – BIC: GEBABEBB.
b. By means of regular bank transfer.
c. Guarantee of a valid credit card (American Express, Visa or Mastercard). Both the card number and expiry date must be provided.

Thermae Palace’s invoices are due within 14 days from the invoice date. All invoices are provided in PDF format.

In case of late payment of the invoice by the due date, Thermae Palace will send you a reminder for which a reminder fee of €40 may be charged. Additionally, in case of late payment the invoice amount will be increased by a damage charge which amounts to 10% of the outstanding amount, always with a minimum of €20, and without prejudice to Thermae Palace’s right to claim a higher compensation if there is proof of a higher actual damage. In the event that Thermae Palace incorrectly fails to pay the amounts due to you within the period agreed, you are also entitled to a damage charge amounting to 10% of the outstanding amount.

4. Modification costs

When, after making your reservation, you wish to alter your reservation, Thermae Palace Hotel will not be obliged to comply with these modifications. It is at the sole discretion of Thermae Palace Hotel whether and to what extent those modifications are accepted. If you wish to reduce the number of booked rooms after making a reservation for more than one room, the cancellation conditions as stated under 5 apply.

5. Cancellation

a. After receiving the booking confirmation, you may cancel your reservation within 24 hours, starting from the date of the confirmation.
b. In case of the non-refundable rate, it is not allowed to change or cancel the reservation that has been made. In case of cancellation, the full amount shall be charged.
c. In case of the flexible rate, it is possible to cancel or change the reservation up to 48 hours before your arrival. Within 48 hours before arrival, the full amount of the invoice is due.
d.With the best available rate, it is not allowed to modify or cancel the reservation that has been made. In case of cancellation, the full amount shall be charged.
e. In case of premature departure, the full invoice amount is due.

The payment of the provisions under b and d must be effected at the time of reservation. The payment of the provisions under c. Must be effected at the latest 48 hours before your arrival.

6. Hotel regulations

In order to ensure that the stay in the hotel is as pleasant as possible for all of our guests, all guests need to observe the regulations (of conduct) as stipulated by the hotel. The regulations are available at the reception of the Thermae Palace Hotel.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel. If you do bring pets in the hotel you will be evicted from the hotel, without any right to reimbursement of the invoice amount or any part thereof. Assistance dogs are welcome and must be visually recognisable at all times.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel and the charge for disobeying the prohibition is €250.

If you infringe upon these rules and regulations you may be evicted from the hotel, without any right to reimbursement of the invoice amount or any part thereof. Thermae Palace Hotel reserves the right to change the organisation and opening times of its facilities. We would also like to inform you that maintenance work may be carried out in the hotel during your stay. This will not give you any right to any compensation whatsoever.

7. Force majeure

Force majeure on the part of Thermae Palace Hotel exists in case the execution of the agreement is fully or partially, whether temporarily or not, prevented by circumstances outside of the control of Thermae Palace Hotel, including but not limited to the threat of war, staff strikes, blockades, fire, floods and other disruptions or events.

From September 2016 on the hotel cannot guarantee your reservation, because of the European Survey Procedure for the hotel building and the site. If your reservation cannot be honoured the customer will be warned as soon as possible and the deposit will be paid back at once. Furthermore the hotel does not owe any compensation or cost to the customer even if the reservation is only cancelled on the day of arrival.

The parties acknowledge to the extent necessary that the execution of the customer’s payment obligations can never become impossible, and that, in accordance with common law, the customer will therefore never be able to invoke force majeure in order to release himself from those obligations. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, this also applies to any appeal to the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing consequences (including government measures in this regard) as a form of force majeure; these circumstances will therefore also not be able to lead to the liberation of the customer and, if necessary, will not entitle the customer to a refund.

8. Liability

a. Thermae Palace Hotel shall not be held liable for the following:

– theft, loss or damage, of any nature whatsoever, during or as result of your stay in the hotel. When you have broken or damaged something, You must report this to the reception desk and pay your debt. In this way you will avoid having the amount invoiced to you at a later date and additional administrative costs being charged to you;
– defective or inoperative technical equipment and the failure or closure of facilities in the hotel.

b. The person making the reservation and the person/people accompanying him/her are severally liable for any loss and/or damage caused to Thermae Palace Hotel and/or any third party as a direct or indirect result of the former’s stay, irrespective of whether this was caused by any action or negligence by them themselves or any third party staying in the hotel as a result of their invitation, as well as for any damage caused by an item whatsoever in their possession.

c. In the case of any incorrect use of the room and/or not leaving the room in the correct condition, additional (cleaning) costs shall be charged.

9. Complaints

Despite Thermae Palace Hotel’s best efforts, it may be possible that you have a justified complaint. This complaint must be discussed in the hotel and directly with the Management, in order to give the Management the opportunity to solve any problems immediately. If your complaint is not solved to your satisfaction, you must submit your complaint in writing within 1 month after your date of departure from the hotel to info@thermaepalace.be.

10. Photographs and videos

When either a guest or a person accompanying him/her or present in the hotel by his/her doing, or a day visitor, accidentally appears in a photograph and/or video taken or recorded for inclusion in an Thermae Palace Hotel publication and/or on an internet site of Thermae Palace Hotel, it is presumed that he/she approves of the use of the photograph and/or video in the publication and/or on the internet site, even when he/she is recognisable in the respective photograph and/or video.

11. Miscellaneous

The contracting party is Restotel NV, Koningin Astridlaan 7, 8400 Oostende. Correspondence can be addressed to: Thermae Palace Hotel, Koningin Astridlaan 7, 8400 Oostende. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all reservations made directly or indirectly at Thermae Palace Hotel.