Het Spilliaert Huis

The mission of Het Spilliaert Huis is to introduce and connect people with the work of Léon Spilliaert. It is aimed at a wide audience and wants to play an important role in improving knowledge and access to the artist’s works. As a monographic art house, Het Spilliaert Huis presents an exhibition twice a year and presents itself as the home base for scientific research on the artist, his works and his world.

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The Spilliaert House will open its doors again from June 6th with the exhibition:

June 7th till October 11th, 2020

Curator Joost Declercq confronts Spilliaert’s work with that of contemporary artists.

Het Spilliaert Huis
Koningin Astridlaan 7
8400 Ostend
Opening Hours
Saturday & Sunday: 11.00 - 17.00
School holidays: 11.00 - 17.00 daily
Entrance Fee
Adults €5
Seniors €4
Youngsters (up to 18) €1
Children (up to 16) free
Students €4
Reduced rate with ticket MuZee €4

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